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    Abstract The main purpose of this study was to investigate or inquire the external factors affecting the process of English Language Acquisition (ELA) that is second language in regards to Pakistani context. For analysis purpose, quantitative approach was applied and data was collected from 40 learners of intermediate in context of Pakistan by administrating the proposed questionnaire and the writing test of the same learners. The questionnaire inculcated 10 items about socio-economic external factors to be investigated and discussed while the writing test included the item types guided by the Punjab Textbook Board. The collected data was analyzed and presented statistically with the help of Microsoft Excel and Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The findings of this study reported significant effect of the said external factors, moreover correlation between questionnaire and the marks of the written test discussed variation between positive or negative and more or less impact of the said factors: Mostly social and economic factors have negative impact on Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Keywords: external factors, second language acquisition, English language acquisition, Punjab textbook

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    Dawood Hassan , Dawood Khalid & Ali Raza Siddique