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Call for Papers:
Research Journal of Language and Literary Studies
December 2022 (Volume III, Issue I)

The authors and researchers across the globe are invited to publish their empirical reports, research articles, book reviews in the relevant areas of language and literature in the Research Journal of Language and Literary Studies (RJLS). RJLS is a bi-annual blind peer reviewed research journal. All submissions are scrutinized through desk, national and international review process. Initially, the papers are checked whether they meet the basic standards of the journal in terms of relevance of area, scholarship, length, clarity of expression and presentation and are further submitted to local and foreign experts for final comments and selection. The identities of authors and reviewers remain anonymous throughout this procedure. The contributors are encouraged to submit on all relevant areas of language, linguistics and literature and must follow guidelines specified on the website of the journal.

Submitting your paper
Submit online or email to: [email protected]

Please submit two single-sided copies of your paper. On one copy, delete the author’s name below the title and the corresponding details at the end of the paper. You can also email your paper to: [email protected]

Date for Submission:

The closing date for submissions is: 10 November, 2022

For further queries please visit our website:

For contact:
Dr Musarrat Azher
Editor, Research Journal of Language and Literary Studies
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 0489230892